Vauxhall Combo Van

If you are looking for economy coupled with a genuine workhorse that will do the job, look no further than The Vauxhall Combo Van.
Based on the Fiat Doblo Cargo, this van is built for all your requirements, with a side door and an 850kg payload more than enough for most needs. But this deceptively slimmed-down model, featuring a reliable 1.3 litre diesel engine is designed for low fuel consumption, returning an impressive 56mpg, whilst also scoring low on carbon emissions.
The low running costs of this van should appeal to all in these cost-conscious times and the recent fall in the price of diesel make it an even more attractive option. Other improvements include a full-height steel bulkhead which offers more protection from shifting loads for cab occupants, and the cab itself has been designed with space in mind, making the Vauxhall Combo one of the most comfortable rides around.
The sporty style is enhanced by other improvements including trip computer, driver’s airbag, ABS, CD Stereo and a 12 volt power outlet on the dash. It also includes air conditioning, an adjustable steering column and power steering for a more comfortable driver environment.
Ultimately though, you need the van to transport loads and the Vauxhall Combo does not disappoint, with a large 3.4m cubic capacity of practical usable space with an easily accessible load area to supplement the side door.
The Vauxhall Combo Van offers practicality, flexibility and affordability – a combination that is hard to beat!
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