Roadworks in the Bournemouth area

We thought we would give you a heads-up on the planned roadworks in Bournemouth area over the end of the Summer period.

First, the good news. Unlike last Summer’s redevelopment of the A338 Spur Road, there does not appear to be any really major works planned to give you major headaches when you are driving one of our elite vans in the local area. However, there are some pinch points that you would do well to avoid if you can.

The first to mention is the extensive road re-shaping that is taking place around Hurn Bridge and the Chapel Gate roundabout – opposite ends of Bournemouth Airport  – on Parley Lane. These works have already started and are due to run until December. Delays are expected and you can avoid this by changing your route to go via Avon Causeway.

In Bournemouth itself, there are roadworks in the centre of town in the Bourne Avenue approach that are due to run until September – one to avoid.

The long-running road closure at Percy Road – a major thoroughfare from the centre of Bournemouth to Southbourne – is still in place until September, and this can cause congestion, especially with the holiday traffic, so if you can find an alternative route, best to do so.

Another potential for traffic congestion is roadworks already in place, and due to run until the end of September, in Belle Vue Road, a main artery between Bournemouth and Christchurch. Again, this will be affected by holiday traffic and is best avoided.

The good news is that all of our vans are air-conditioned and have CD players, so if you are caught up in queues, you can remain chilled. And, of course, our chiller vans are climate-controlled, so consider hiring one of these if you have produce you want to keep perfectly fresh.

Other planned roadworks in bournemouth area that might like to be aware of are:

24.7.17 – 4.9.17

Charminster Road, Bournemouth, Bournemouth

Traffic lights, etc:        Traffic control (two-way signals)

7.8.17 – 4.9.17

A350 High Street North, Poole, Poole

Traffic lights, etc:        Lane closure

12.9.17 – 15.9.17 

A350 Bridge Approach, Poole, Poole

Traffic lights, etc:        Road closure

Of course, you can always check yourself for potential congestion on but this handy summary might save you time when you hire from us.

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Happy motoring!