Refrigerated or Freezer Van Hire

Refrigerated or Freezer Van Hire….Chill out with our chiller vans

When you’re running a seasonal business, the usefulness of refrigerated vans is obvious; after all, how else are you going to keep your produce – be it ice creams, fresh flowers or medicines – cool? But for many businesses, and we include all of the above, keeping produce fresh and cool is a year-long concern. This is where you have to consider refrigerated or freezer van hire.

If you are delivering perishable goods, you need to know that you can depend on your vehicle to deliver a regulated temperature, from frozen to just chilled. Here at Callvan Hire, we recognise this, keeping a range of refrigerated and chiller vans to help you and your business.

So whether you are operating your catering business in the heat of summer festivals, or you are an events company, or delivering perishable goods, you can be free from the worry of your product deteriorating. All our fridge vans operate between -18 Deg C and +5 Deg C. Larger vans even contain two separate compartments, so that you can operate at two different temperatures.

In addition our refrigerated vans can operate statically on an external power supply, meaning you don’t have to have the engine running, ideal for events and shows.

Our contract hire facility will allow you to choose the right-sized van, with a bespoke value deal to suit your particular needs, and of course, servicing and repairs come as part of that, so one less worry. It also means you can hire for the particular period you require the van, and importantly, their are tax advantages to this kind of arrangement, including no road tax, which we would be happy to discuss with you.

Our range of chiller vans extends from the compact Ford Transit Connect to the VW Crafter High Cube van, so we have something to suit every size of business, for every type of requirement.

All our Refrigerated or Freezer Van Hire deals are adjusted to suit you, so why not take the heat out of your refrigeration worries and we’ll make you a cool offer.

Browse our full range or freezer and fridge vans. Tell us which one you like and get in touch with us. If you are unsure what van you would like, we would happy to advise you on what is the best option for you.