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What documents will I need to bring with me when hiring a vehicle from you?

You are required to bring the card part of your UK driving licence. If you hold a foreign driving licence, you must present this together with an International Driving Licence. In addition to your driving licence, you will need to present two other means of identification. We recommend you bring either a recent utility bill, bank statement or an official letter, showing your current address.

We also require your National Insurance Number.

Can I take your vehicle abroad?

Yes, we do offer continental hire. Special terms apply for taking vehicles outside the UK. Please call 01202 295599 for (Bournemouth, Poole & Dorset) or 01425 477442 (for Hampshire, Southampton & Winchester) for full details.

What happens if I break down?

In the unlikely event of a breakdown, all our vehicles are covered by our RAC breakdown policy. With your rental pack, you will be provided with our 24-hour emergency telephone number to call in case of breakdown or emergency. All efforts will be made to get you back on the road as soon as possible. A replacement vehicle will be provided if necessary.

Do I need a special licence to drive a large van or truck?

With a normal UK driving licence you are permitted to drive vehicles up to 7.5 tons. For any vehicle 7.5 tons and above you require a relevant licence. (shown as C1 or C1e) If in any doubt please call 01202 295599 or 01425 477442.

I wish for my hire vehicle to be left at a location of my choice?

We can provide a meet-and-greet service for our clients in Dorset, Hampshire & Wiltshire. Please call 01202 295599 or 01425 477442 for more details about this service and it’s availability.

Do you hire vehicles to people over 70?

Yes we do. Although please call us ahead so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

I am moving /travelling to London, how do I pay the congestion charge?

There are a number of ways to pay the London Congestion Charge:

Online: pay by credit or debit card via the website at Always check your vehicle registration details are entered correctly.

Telephone: pay by credit or debit card via the TFL Call Centre on 0845 900 1234 which is open from 6am till midnight Sunday to Friday and from 6am till 10pm on Saturday. Always check your vehicle registration details are entered correctly.

Mobile phone text message: You can pay the charge on your day of travel by sending a simple text message from your mobile phone (you need to pre register for the SMS service), with your credit or debit card details. Please visit the website at or contact TFL on 0845 900 1234 for further details.

Retail outlets: pay in cash at newsagents, convenience stores and petrol stations where you see the congestion charging sign or the PayPoint logo (some retailers may also accept payment by cheque and credit or debit card at their discretion). Always check your vehicle registration details are entered correctly.

Self-service machines: pay by credit or debit card at self-service machines in major public car parks within charging zone and other selected locations. Always check your vehicle registration details are entered correctly.

What to bring when collecting?

When you collect your hire vehicle please ensure you bring the following documentation with you, as it is a legal requirement:

1. The card part of your UK driving licence.

2. If you hold a foreign driving licence, you must present this together with an International Driving Licence.

3. Two other means of identification. We recommend you bring either a recent utility bill, bank statement or an official letter, showing your current address.

4. Your National Insurance Number.


Many van hire companies do not provide high spec vehicles, which have extra functionality such as a heated front windscreen to make driving in the winter safer.

We all know what it’s like and how treacherous it can be to drive in icy conditions in our own vehicles, so when hiring a van or lorry it can often be nerve-wracking experience. When hiring a van we all want as much comfort as possible to keep our van hire experience as comfortable and as safe as possible, so finding vans and lorries to hire which have a heated front windscreen and other comforts is not always easy.

With van rental company Callvan Hire, all vehicles (post 2007) have been given a higher specification to give you the comfort and luxury you have when driving your car: These items include heated front screens, CD player, electric windows, air con, electric and heated mirrors, and front fog lights. In 2008 Callvan Hire added reversing sensors to all their new vehicles to make driving easier.

All rental vehicles at Callvan Hire are Ford and the reason their vans are the most common make to have heated front windscreens is that they own the patent on the tiny wires embedded in the screen.

The winter weather is likely to highlight many motorists’ lack of knowledge of how to drive in icy conditions, says motoring organisation RAC.

When sub-zero temperatures are forecast and ice or black ice is inevitable, motorists should:

Slow down, steer gently and avoid harsh turns, braking or acceleration.
Keep a safe distance between themselves and other vehicles.
Look well ahead to anticipate problems.

When pulling away, use 2nd gear if possible to avoid wheel spin.

When braking, get into a low gear earlier than normal, allowing the speed to fall, and use the brake pedal gently.

If in a skid, turn the steering into the skid, easing off the accelerator but not braking suddenly.

When cornering, allow the speed to reduce well before bends and corners by easing off the accelerator. Try to avoid using the accelerator in rounding a corner as it may cause wheel spin and result in a skid.

When encountering black ice – which though not visible can be detected because the steering will feel light and/or the noise created by the tyres on the road will cease – reduce speed by easing off the accelerator rather than braking.

This press article has been written by Callvan Hire. Callvan Hire offers a comprehensive and diverse range of modern vans, trucks, refrigerated vans and chillers ready for rental/contract hire at a minutes notice. Coupled with Callvan Hire’s regular maintenance checks we provide you with a faultless vehicle and an efficient service, leaving you safe in the knowledge that no matter how large or small the job, and whatever the distance, a Callvan hire vehicle won’t let you down.


Please read the following safety tips. Callvan Hire values your safety when on the road.

Callvan Hire offers you the following advice on driving a van safely. It might be the first time you have ever driven a large vehicle and it is very different to driving a car.

The following safety tips provide practical van driving advice to ensure your journey is safe for you, your passengers and the other people using the road.


When you pick up your van from the rental station listen carefully to the advice and explanations regarding general operation. Ensure you know where all controls are and how to use them, if you are unsure ask.

Wear sensible footwear that allows the correct use the pedal controls. Adjust the rear view and exterior wing mirrors to provide maximum vision. Adjust head restraints and seats for both comfort and safety.

You MUST wear a seat belt if one is available, unless you are exempt.
Before driving on the road, make sure the rear or side cargo doors are locked securely.

Become familiar and comfortable with the size and responsiveness of the van by initially driving in an area with little traffic.


Be in complete control of your vehicle at all times, losing control means not being able to stop or move your van in a safe manner.

Be aware of the size of the van you are driving, particularly the height. Take extra caution when approaching bridges and canopies and when driving under overhanging trees. Some petrol stations may not cater for the size of your vehicle.

Large vehicles need extra room to turn, take this into consideration when approaching a tight corner. Also bear in mind the length of the van and the position of the rear of the vehicle when manoeuvring.

Make use of the increased visibility from a higher driving position and remember to use your exterior mirrors more often.

Take tight bends slowly as tall vans can tip more easily due to their height and increased centre of gravity.

Control your speed and never follow other vehicles too closely, vans require a much longer braking distance especially when travelling at speed, carrying a heavy load or in wet or icy weather conditions.

Pay extra attention when reversing or parking and only attempt to do so if you are confident or when it’s necessary. Ask for another person to guide you if your van has blind spots.

Be extra careful when changing lanes, the van you are driving may have blind spots. Pay particular attention for motor cyclists.

Take a little extra time and care when driving an unfamiliar vehicle.


Plan your route and allowed sufficient time to complete your journey.

In winter listen to weather forecasts and take extra care in windy or wet conditions.

Ensure the vehicle has sufficient fuel before commencing your journey, if you need to refill check in advance where the petrol cap is located and which type of fuel is required.

Remember to lock your vehicle when it is not attended.


Use a back support (lumbar roll) at the curve of your back. Your knees should be at the same level or higher than your hips.

Move the seat close to the steering wheel to support the curve of your back. The seat should be close enough to allow your knees to bend and your feet to reach the pedals.

Safe driving!